Monday, May 6, 2013

Estate Sale Treasures

Last weekend I happened to drive by an estate sale, so I stopped in.  The house was a small cape cod style, and probably a little bit bigger than our own ranch house, but it was PACKED to the brim with antiques and collectibles   The person managing the estate sale said that the former owners had had intentions of opening up an antique store, but ultimately never did.  It was so packed you barely had room to walk! 

Anyway, I had to seriously restrain myself because there were SO many pretty things.  This is what I walked out with:

1. Three lovely vintage brass necklaces ($3 apiece)--see the three necklaces on the left.  

On the day that I went to the estate sale I was actually wearing a brass necklace that I had thrifted back in high school with my best friend (the one on the right).  It's got a lovely patina to it and it goes with so many things, so I was happy to find more.

Two of the necklaces I got are quite short--they are almost like chokers and sit at the very base of your neck, so I'm going to see if I can find some matching brass chain to lengthen them just a couple inches.  

2. Two old measuring cups (Pyrex and Fire King) for $1 (small) and $1.50 (large).  

In my opinion, one can never have too many measuring cups!  I can never find mine when I need them, so I was happy to get these for a steal (new ones will run you at least $5 - 8).

3. Nine vintage drinking glasses for $0.50 apiece (or $4.50 total).   And yes, only 7 are shown in the picture--I'd shelved and others and couldn't reach them without a chair!  

The estate sale had a LOT of glassware and porcelain, but it wasn't necessarily functional (ie: display-only ornate pitchers/vases/bowls that would not be able to stand up to any kind of normal kitchen abuse).  However, I did manage to find these cute glasses hidden away in a back corner that I thought would make decent drinking glasses.  As I was walking out with them, a guy stopped me and told me to look up "Dorothy Thorpe" when I got home, and sure enough, the glasses are a mirror image for the style that was popular back in the 1960's (or today's TV show Mad Men).

I was a little bummed out when some of the metallic color started to come off when I washed them, so maybe they aren't originals, but they are super cute to look at and luckily I didn't pay much for them anyway.  

4. This tangled capiz shell wall hanging for $4. 

This was actually so tangled that I just clipped all the shells off--I'll restring them later or use them in another project.  Possibly for a light fixture over the kitchen sink?  Overall, I consider this to be a pretty good deal because I seriously doubt that I'd be able to buy ~40 large shells for $4 anywhere else.

All-in-all, it was $20 spent, but I was so thrilled to come across some awesome things.  PS: If you haven't checked out my tips for thrifting and garage sale-ing, click here.  Then go out and find some of your own treasures!  

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  1. Love the necklaces and the shells are so pretty too. I'm sure that you can turn them into a pretty light fixture for your kitchen. Can't wait to see it!