Tuesday, April 23, 2013

3 things I'm in love with right now...

I'm taking a quick break from the kitchen updates--I'll be back later this week with some progress pictures because we got a LOT done this past weekend (yay!).

For right now I figured that I'd show you some things that I'm totally smitten with right now.  So much in fact that it seems kinda selfish to keep them to myself...

1.  This Color Reveal Lip Balm from Sephora.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect lip balm for about 4 years now--why is it so hard to find something that hydrates and gives you a natural-looking color?  Fortunately, I think that I've finally found it!  This lip balm is supposed to react with your body's pH to create a custom lip color.  Now, I'm no chemist so I'm not sure if that's what actually happens, but I CAN tell you that it looks 100% natural on me and I am hooked.  Its color seems to stick around for a while too, so I don't feel the need to reapply every 5 min.  

Priced at $12, I thought that it was kind of pricey for a lip balm.  However, since a lot of lip products in the store cost me about $5-8 anyway, spending the few extra $$ is worth it for me because I like it so much better than anything else I've tried.  Plus if you go into Sephora you can try it before you buy it!  

2. The seller Luxe Deluxe on Etsy.  Is it socially acceptable to want a different engagement ring for each day of the week?  Because that's what I'm leaning towards after I came across this vendor on Etsy who sells the most gorgeous and affordable collection of vintage rings that I've ever seen (she also sells some new vintage-styled jewelry pieces too!).  This is just a sample of the rings that she has in her vintage collection that changes on a weekly basis--be prepared to fall in love! 

3. The user Modernhaus on Instagram.  Instagram is a form of social media where you can apply nifty-looking filters to pictures that you take with your phone.  I don't know the user Modernhaus personally, but I love her for several reasons: 1) She thrifts the BEST things ever,  2) She's got a great sense of style, and 3) Her comments and captions on her pictures are flippin' hilarious.  In addition to Instagram she also has a blog (although she doesn't post to it as frequently), and she also sells her second-hand finds on Ebay.  If you're in the market for some seriously gorgeous mid century furniture, check out her stuff.  

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  1. Oh I love the rings, they remind me of my grandmother's beautiful jewelery